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Writer. Editor. Fandom Expert.

How I got here: I spent over a decade as a journalist and editor at national publications, five years copywriting and consulting for brands, and more than a dozen years engaging with super-fans and devoted customers on the internet and at events. I also run a successful political newsletter with over 15,000 subscribers. You can find a small selection of my stories in this portfolio.
What I can offer: I am, first and foremost, a writer — I can create clear stories out of complicated narratives, stoke passion, and activate donors, customers, and members of the media.
I can also offer unique insights into how to inspire fans and earn the trust of the most devoted and highly sought-after audiences in the world.
Plus, I can create content that will both help with SEO and engage new readers and customers while crafting a winning narrative.
If you're looking to connect with a passionate group or audience, improve your content, or get media attention, I can help. Writing, editing, and strategy — I do it all.

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I spent more than a decade as a staff reporter and editor covering entertainment, media, technology, and travel at some of the nation's biggest outlets. Full-time stops include HuffPost, The Hollywood Reporter, BuzzFeed, Yahoo, and NBCUniversal's SYFY network. I've also freelanced for Vice, Observer, and many other outlets. At SYFY, I hosted 120 episodes of a popular podcast about fandom and hosted on-stage interviews and panels across the country.

I have also worked for years as a copywriter and editorial/brand consultant for both start-ups and established companies. I've placed stories in prominent news outlets, written press releases, and authored branded content.


I also run a political fundraising and messaging newsletter, Progressives Everywhere, which has over 15,000 subscribers and has raised $3.1 million for grassroots political candidates.

Now, I'm bringing all that experience together.

I've learned how to connect with audiences of all demographics, with a special focus on millennials, superfans, activists, and consumers with a passion. I know what makes them tick and what ticks them off. I also know what gets reporters, editors, and social media buzzing. I can help you connect with an audience, earn press coverage, and build your brand in an authentic way, whether it's with writing, video strategy, or overall planning.

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As a journalist, I've interviewed some of the biggest stars and most powerful people in the world, from Oscar-winners and media titans to senators and Secretaries of State. 

My stories have been read by tens of millions of people around the world and driven global headlines. My copywriting has been used by some of the biggest e-commerce brands and start-ups.

I can craft narratives that hook your intended audience, convey vital information, and inspire action


I've become an expert in targeting audiences, delivering key messages, and creating success for employers and clients by knowing what their consumer wants.


The common thread that runs through all of my work is telling stories that connect with and inspire audiences. Every audience has its own secret language, requiring years of immersion to understand its nuances.

Trying to sell something to a particular audience without knowing how to talk with them is dangerous. Let me be your guide.


When you spend over a decade working in an industry as crazed and unsettled as the media, you tend to jump from job to job and get to know people everywhere.

I'm no exception. From web outlets to magazines, film studios to distributors, and startups to individual experts, I've made connections everywhere. That's how a journalist survives.

Now, no matter what your business, I'll be able to connect you with reporters and other pros for coverage and consultation.


Jordan Zakarin

Writer, Editor, Consultant


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